Activity 15: Getting about

Activity 15 is defined in regulations as - 

Getting about.

Activity 15 assesses the ability to travel without support from another person as a result of disorientation; or of agoraphobia causing fear of travelling unaccompanied by another person. Specified places with which a person is familiar include locations in their local area such as the GP surgery, dentist, bank, post office, local shops etc.

Note (5 September 2023): the government has launched a consultation on reform of the work capability assessment including proposals to remove the getting about activity or reduce the points awarded for its descriptors. The deadline for responding to the consultation is 30 October 2023.


The descriptors that relate to Activity 15 are - 

  1. Cannot get to any place outside the claimant's home with which the claimant is familiar. 15 points
  2. Is unable to get to a specified place with which the claimant is familiar, without being accompanied by another person. 9 points
  3. Is unable to get to a specified place with which the claimant is unfamiliar without being accompanied by another person. 6 points
  4. None of the above applies. 0 points


See also section 3.5.6 of the DWP’s Work Capability Assessment handbook: for healthcare professionals.

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