Activity 10: Awareness of hazard

Activity 10 is defined in regulations as - 

Awareness of hazard.

Activity 10 assesses the ability to recognise risks from common hazards. The descriptor may be satisfied if there is a lack of understanding and insight that something is dangerous, or there is an impaired ability to recognise that a situation will present a potential hazard.


The descriptor relating to Activity 10 is -

Reduced awareness of everyday hazards, due to cognitive impairment or mental disorder, leads to a significant risk of: (a) injury to self or others; or (b) damage to property or possessions, such that the claimant requires supervision for the majority of the time to maintain safety.


See also section of the DWP’s Work Capability Assessment handbook: for healthcare professionals.

Case law

The Upper Tribunal is yet to publish any significant case law in relation to Activity 10.